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If this sounds too good to be true, well, it really  is true. Please read on.

In 1997, exercise physiologists Galloway and Maughan published a fascinating study which examined the effects of temperature on exercise capacity.  In an environmental chamber in which temperature and relative humidity could be precisely controlled, eight volunteers each rode an exercise bicycle on four separate days. Each ride was at one of four temperatures (39F, 51F, 69F or 87F) with relative humidity held constant at 70%. During each ride, the exercise load was held steady at 70% of the rider's aerobic maximum, and each ride was taken to the rider's point of exhaustion. Here are the results:

Heattime-B&W-Wide.gif (4609 bytes)

At a relative humidity of 70%, the average rider could ride for 94 minutes if the air temperature were 51F,but only 52 minutes if the air were 87F, a reduction of 42 minutes due to the effect of heat!

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